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 Circuit Court
 Hon. William W. Carmody

 District Court
 Hon. Mark E. Luoma

 Probate Court
 Hon. Charles C. Nebel

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Hanley Field
 FF Highway 13
 Wetmore, MI  49895


Alger County Probate/Family Court
101 Court St, Munising, MI 49862

  Office Hours: Mon-Fri
   8:00 am - 4:00 pm
 Phone: (906) 387-2080
 Fax:     (906) 387-4134

Hon Charles C Nebel
Probate/Family Court Judge

Probate Court Staff:

Kristine M. Dausey, Probate Register, Court Administrator, Court Recorder
Raelene O. Reilly, Deputy Probate Register, Court Recorder

Juvenile Court Staff:
Terry McLaren, Juvenile Officer, Court Administrator, Court Referee
Jamie Nebel, Family Court Caseworker/Diversion, Dep. Juvenile Register, Court Recorder

Duties and Responsibilities

Probate Court:

  • appoints guardians and conservator for minors, incapacitated individuals, and developmentally disabled individuals
  • files wills and trusts for safekeeping
  • commit mentally ill individuals
  • adjudicates and disposes deceased estates

Family Division of Circuit Court:

  • orders changes of names
  • files and finalizes adoptions
  • divorce, paternity, family support, custody, parenting time disputes
  • personal protection orders

Juvenile Division of Circuit Court:

  • juvenile delinquency cases
  • neglect and abuse cases
  • juvenile traffic cases
  • foster care program
  • supervision of youth on diversion
  • in-home care programs
  • regional detention support services program
  • community service program

For court forms, fee schedules and more information visit www.courts.mi.gov.


Alger County is named for Russell A. Alger, a Michigan Governor and US Senator.