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Sovereign Citizens

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Drunk Driving V
Victim Rights II

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Prison Reform
Violence Against Women

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Drugged Driving

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Cross Examination
Sex Crimes III

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Medical Marihuana II

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DARE Essay
Prosecution Standards

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Truth in Sentencing
Drunk Driving IV
Domestic Violence III
Appellate Law II

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Sexting and Eavesdropping
Medical Marihuana
Fraud; Criminal VS Civil


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Richardson Case 2008
ORV Regulations II 2008

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Open Meetings Act II
Pretrial Publicity
Motion Practice
Duke Lacrosse Team Case
MDOC Proposal


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Alcohol Laws
Sex Crimes II
Prescription Drugs
Domestic Violence II
Prison Cases

Appellate Law
Felonies VS Misdemeanors
Plea Bargaining II
School Violence


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Constitutional Law
Juvenile Law
Animal Protection Law
Freedom of Information Act
Theories of Guilt
The Jury System
Common Myths
Drug Enforcement
ORV Regulations I

Negligent Homicide


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Changes in Criminal Law
Child Witnesses
Politics II
Separation of Powers
Age Related Milestones
Criminal Responsibility
Incompatibilities Article
Search and Seizure
Personal Protection Orders
Drunk Driving II
Gun Laws

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Drunk Driving I
Plea Barging I

Victim Rights Act
Law Day
Politics I
Jury Selection
Sex Crime I
Domestic Violence
Open Meetings Act I

Police Conduct