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8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Phone: (906) 387-7067
     (906) 387-2156


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Photo of Mary Ann Froberg, Alger County Clerk and Register of Deeds


County Clerk

The County Clerk is an officer of the County whose duties are prescribed by State law. The Clerk’s Office maintains birth and death records, marriage licenses, assumed business names, concealed pistol licenses, notary public records, voter registration records, veteran discharge records, and circuit court records. The Clerk is the Chief Election Officer of the County.

The County Clerk is also in care of the county seal, all records, books and papers pertaining to the office.

In addition, the Clerk administers the Courthouse payroll and accounts payable for the County. The Clerk also executes the majority of County contracts and obligations.

Register of Deeds

The Register of Deeds is an officer of the County whose duties are prescribed by State law. It is the filing office for all official recording of all legal documents affecting real property.

The Staff

Joel A. VandeVelde, Chief Deputy Administrative Assistant. Joel’s main duties are payroll, accounts payable, insurances, Concealed Pistol Licenses & Vital Records.
You can reach him at (906) 387-7032 or

Paula Perron, Chief Deputy Clerk. Paula’s main duties are maintaining and handling the circuit court records. 

You can reach her at (906) 387-7053 or

Carmon Decet, Chief Deputy Register of Deeds. Carmon’s main duties are handling and maintaining the real estate records. 

You can reach her at (906) 387-7034